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Doc M. for Playas Ball president 2020!!!

Doc M. for Playas Ball president 2020!!!

This episode has all that you want laughs, jokes, takes on art, even some mythology. A God walks into a bar is the 8th episode of hit show Watchmen on HBO. Slim joins up again to talk all things watchmen and let you know why this episode was the best in the season so far. How do you think the season finale will end next episode. Will Abar become Dr. M or will the tragic story of love come crashing into the wall at the end of the tunnel. Please share you comments and thoughts.  You can catch Slim Reaper  Insta:@Slim_reaper859 Follow Liquid aka Legendary Shogun on all social media platforms  @LLcoolb22 Please send any feedback you have via email, facebook group, Instagram or connect with us on twitter @OAFDiscussions and by email at OafDiscussions@gmail.com. Let us know if you enjoy the show and your thoughts on the Watchmen or anything else discussed today. #watchmenreview Stay connected with the rest of the crew follow us individually @KnKidSwift, @LLCoolb22, @ShaynaNB, @Webb859 

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