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Now you're talking with "Bamm Bamm" of Bootyard Bandits

Now you're talking with "Bamm Bamm" of Bootyard Bandits

On this week’s #AsYetUntitledRockShow we’re joined by “Bamm Bamm” from heavy metal country rockers Bootyard Bandits, a five-strong group of outlaws from wild, wild Worcester breaking all the rules of “serious” rock music with hilarious and occasionally gruesome videos accompanying their singles. Bootyard Bandits are a bootscootin’ heavy country rock band hotly tipped to become one of the UK’s “most wanted” bands. Comprised of ex-members of The Defiled, Grim Reaper, Fury and Villains, these cowboys come armed with an arsenal of catchy anthems such as “Hoedown Showdown”, “Cøuntry Music” and “One Hell Of A Night”, and bring a live show like no other t’boot. We talked to “Bamm Bamm” all about the band, their recent lockdown adventures, what it was like combining rock, lego and tomato ketchup plus what’s next for Bootyard Bandits.

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