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Teaching Grammar: Free Mini-Course for Teachers

Teaching Grammar: Free Mini-Course for Teachers

Welcome back to the Not So Wimpy Teacher podcast!   Do you find teaching grammar kind of a nightmare? Are you scouring the internet for new fun grammar activities every week?   Yeah, I was you once too.    Until I found a much easier way to teach grammar that saved me time and made learning easier for my students. So that’s what I want to share with you today.    This episode is for you if you teach grammar in grades 2, 3, 4, or 5. And be sure to stay tuned until the end, when I’ll be sharing a freebie that I’ve created just for you.    Episode 81 Takeaways:    + Remember that grammar is hard for adults with degrees, so it’s going to be hard for your students.  + There is a lot to memorize when it comes to grammar, and that can be very tricky for your students.  + Trying to teach grammar without a curriculum can be confusing and time-wasting. + Routine makes it easier to plan your time and increase productivity. + When I found a routine for teaching grammar my students started to grow. + Your students won’t all be on the same level and that’s okay.    Remember, grammar is hard for everyone, even us adults.    If you could use some help figuring out your grammar curriculum, my team and I have created a FREE mini-course to help you out.    In this grammar mini-course, you're going to learn how to keep students engaged when you're introducing a new lesson or skill, my secrets for using grammar interactive notebooks so they don't take so much time, a quick way to integrate grammar into writing, my favorite ways to use task cards for reviewing grammar, and my simple strategies for differentiating grammar for learners of all levels.   The videos in this mini-course are short and easy for you to get through whenever you have time, so you can do it whenever you want!   Head to https://www.notsowimpyteacher.com/grammarcourse to check it out!    Want more Not So Wimpy Teacher tips and tricks? Find tons of resources on our website at www.notsowimpyteacher.com and follow me on Instagram @notsowimpyteacher where I share daily!

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