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NOS 22 - Carl Jung

NOS 22 - Carl Jung

In episode twenty-two, we explore the quirky life of Carl Jung, protege and opponent of Freud. We even talk about Facebook and catfishing...related to a guy born in the 1800's! Also, don't forget to follow us on Twitter at! So in other words, welcome back to Not Otherwise Specified, a fun podcast about psychology that doesn’t take itself too seriously, so you shouldn’t either! This is purely for fun, and by no means is meant to diagnose you or anyone you know with anything at all. So just sit back and enjoy the banter, don’t worry about the oversimplifications, and get mentally intrigued. Thank you so much for listening. Please subscribe and come back next time for more psychological hilarity. And again, this is not a substitute for actual psychological care and was not meant to cure what mentally ails you. If you feel you need this help, please seek it out for yourself from a qualified mental health professional in your area.

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