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Episode 65: Holliday Bakes, Chriss Holliday

Episode 65: Holliday Bakes, Chriss Holliday

Witty and captivating, Chriss joins Not a Great Whisperer. Chriss owns "Holliday Bakes", a multicultural bakery in Seminole Heights. After being fired from her last job for her pro-Black Lives Matter social media posts, she launched her business in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to being a black female entrepreneur, Chriss is also a mother of two. Chriss talks about the journey that led her to own her own baking business and the family influence that motivated her to start baking. She is finding balance as a single mother and entrepreneur and is inspiring to talk to. She values hard work, honesty and equality and is an amazing example to her 2 children. She loves her community and the act of charity and strives to help others have quality experiences. Check her out on www.hollidaybakes.com and go get some “zerts”. Enjoy the real, unedited conversation with Chriss and Katy.

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