Nostalgia Nites

Ep. 1 - Hybrid Theory

Ep. 1 - Hybrid Theory

Welcome to the first ever episode of Nostalgia Nites! Yes, we reached that part of quarantine, so we're hopping on the bandwagon. Honestly we're just here to have fun and do the thing we love the most which is talk music & our favorite bands and get lost in the void that is ~*nostalgia*~.  In this episode, we do a deep dive into Linkin Park's "Hybrid Theory" to celebrate the albums 20 years of life! Discussing a little of the bands history, our favorite songs, why Linkin Park is the iconic band they are known to be, and more. Follow us to know when the next ep is coming :) IG/Twitter: @nostalgia.nites 

Duration: 39 min

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