Examining Rodeo Austin Accountant Million Dollar Theft

Examining Rodeo Austin Accountant Million Dollar Theft

This season on Nonprofit Nuggets, we will focus on recent stories about various nonprofits missteps and how to avoid some of these mistakes.    On today’s episode, we are discussing a story out of Austin, TX around an accountant found guilty of stealing 1.3 million dollars from his organization. This Rodeo Austin accountant subsequently lost his accounting license and left his former employer in financial strife, as they used the proceeds from their annual Rodeo to fund scholarships and other community initiatives.    In order to prevent situations like this from occurring, it is of utmost importance to file consistent expense reports and audit those reports in order to track any suspicious spending. It is also important to limit access for employees to financial resources. This will also help corral any outlandish and curious spending and help keep all parties accountable.    Thanks for tuning into this episode of the Nonprofit Nuggets Podcast! If you liked what you heard, please leave a review and share this episode!    Podcast Resources   Impact Basics   This Week’s Story

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