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Episode 65 - Groovin' On The Loveforce With Aaron From @aarons_picks

Episode 65 - Groovin' On The Loveforce With Aaron From @aarons_picks

Aaron S. from @aarons_picks on Instagram hangs out with us this week on No Simple Road. Not only do he and Aaron share names and initials with each other but we find out so much more about this thoughtful, intentional, and creative being! We learn that life is too short for 6's and 7's, how Aaron runs his own Organic/Vegan food company, why he creates those amazing and inspirational IG videos, why people love to watch someone dance and a list of things too long for this space! Strap in and get ready for some deep and fun conversation! Head over to @aarons_picks on Instagram Check out his amazing food at ***THIS EPISODE IS SPONSORED BY THE AMAZING AND INCREDIBLE SHOP TOUR BUS!!!! Visit or @shoptourbus on IG and pick up some wonderfully creative and beautiful Grateful Dead inspired shirts/hoodies. Use the code nosimpleroad for free shipping!!!!!! SHOW CREDITS: ENGINEER NORMAN MARSTON ( co-owner/operator of Wall of Sound Recording Chicago, ILWall of Sound Recording of FBand @wallofsound_recording on IG PRODUCER JUSTIN ELROD ( MUSIC Intro Music - 'No Simple Road' written and performed by 'THE HIGGS' Check them out at: Outro Music by: THE CHILLDREN OF INDIGOCheck out their website check out this amazing video created exclusively for NSR! REDDIT AND OTHER COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT COREY HURST (u/DogKnees2001 over on Reddit) LOGO DESIGNS AND RELATED ARTWORK Just Elrod (NSR Hand Logo) @wickedawesome (NSR Skulls) @hairofthewolf (NSR Van Logo) ***Leave us a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Google Play so more of us can find out about the show and this thing grows into a juggernaut of love, and laughs, and exploration of this long strange trip we call life*** JOIN THE NO SIMPLE ROAD FAMILY! Become a Patron through You can give as little or as much as you'd like and earn our everlasting appreciation and assist in realizing the vision of our collective. Follow us on Instagram: @nosimpleroad and remember to #nosimpleroad your pics, videos, merch, streams, whatever... Drop a "Like" and subscribe over on our NSR YouTube Channel No Simple Road is part of the OSIRIS PODCASTING Family. Osiris is a growing community of music and culture podcasts, connecting music fans like you with conversation, commentary, and music. Check out to see more of our family of podcasts. Support this show  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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