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When Your Kid Needs an IEP

When Your Kid Needs an IEP

14% of students in public school have an IEP (Individual Education Plan). But as a parent, getting the evaluation and services you want from the school district is often challenging. Join me as I chat with author Aaron Wright as we discuss our respective journeys with the school district and what we have learned so far. If you are just starting out on this path, unhappy with your current services, or have a suspicion your kid might be behind and needing extra help, this one is for you!  Aaron Wright is the author of the book "Thirteen Doors" If you want to hang out with him on IG: @authoraaronwright The special education resources mentioned on this episode are here: Students (K-12) - Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (dredf.org) Wrightslaw Special Education Law and Advocacy SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR SPONSOR, EVOL!! Evol makes adorable hats, shirts and jewelry. Part of the profits go to supporting Autism charities dedicated to making Autistic voices heard and their gifts shared with the world. If you're an autism advocate, ally or just like to use your purchasing power for good, this is the place for you!  Please visit Iam-Love.org and use promo code "NOSEX" for 15% off your purchase.  This week on Sh*t I Bought Online:  Gas Powered Post Hole Auger For more about me,  Visit My Website or hit me up Instagram: @nosexinthesuburbs Or Twitter: @suburbspodcast Gracias!! 

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