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Welcome to "No Rain... No Rainbows" with Ted Phaeton. *Executive Producer: Andrej Suttles *Content Consultant: Charles Russ This is a podcast about pushing through your hardships in life to reach your best days and live the life you deserve. The topics will mainly be about self-improvement. The subject matter will also expand to include self-help, relationships, business, health, finances, fitness, mental health, overall fulfillment, what it means to be a man in today's society and so much more. We are not experts in these topics but we are committed to asking the questions and seeking the answers. Hopefully, you can share our curiosity and desire to learn more. The purpose of this podcast is to facilitate growth and help you find the courage, motivation, and inspiration to live your best life. This is a joint journey towards reaching our potential. Are you ready to get started? Let's expand and grow our perspective and become the people we were born to be. This is No Rain... No Rainbows. Let's Grow!

Episodes: 100

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