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Episode Seven - Hot Steamy Clouds

Episode Seven - Hot Steamy Clouds

There are days when I am convinced of the magical nature of our podcast. Today is one of those days. Somehow we have managed to squeeze three very big games into what amounts just the same length of podcast. From a physics standpoint this is clearly impossible - and let’s face it - telling you how we do it would be giving away a very big industry secret. But by Jove, I think we've got it. Age of Steam: ( 04:35 ) - In theory, reprints of classic games are incredibly exciting because here’s a chance for people to rediscover something that was clearly good enough to be propelled by the industry for that long. In practice, imagine the dread of the reviewer when they realise that maybe this much beloved classic is… well. Let’s just leave it at that for now. You’ll have to listen to the podcast itself for more. Tainted Grail: ( 22:23 ) - Oh no! It’s 7th Continent all over again. But grimdark! Long time viewers will know that that much beloved game did not sit well with these beloved reviewers inspite of its popularity. Is there more to this different spin on the genre of a giant map full of choose your own adventure hotspots and survival mechanisms? That’s what we’re here to talk about. Cloudspire: ( 44:30 ) - Remember when you used to say things like “light as a cloud?” Well, forget about it because Cloudspire comes in at a hefty ten kilograms of neoprene matts, poker chips and custom dice in this voluptuous board game take on the MOBA genre of video games. With a ruleset that prompted this genuine response from your favourite podcast host. Mailbag: ( 1:00:48 ) - Listener Lambert sent in a swarm of questions about our time with Gloomhaven. We were perhaps a touch too brief in answering them, but everything has good reasons. Want to send us a question? Fire it to Want to leave a comment? Visit us at

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