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In this K.O.S discussion, we sit down with Jay Glavany to talk about his musical journey, his personal growth, and the connection he has with Knowledge of Self. "Knowledge of Self is a lifelong journey we go through every day. a vulnerable state we must reach and process to acknowledge our feelings. we must learn, understand, love, discover ourselves, that way we can grow and become wiser in all aspects of our life. know your wrongs, know your flaws, know your strengths and love yourself. that’s what knowledge of self is about.”  Jay carries the No Diploma attitude and embodies the K.O.S lifestyle." We truly appreciate every single one of you who’s been tuning into this podcast. We would love to hear your feedback, your tips, or advice. It means a lot to know that some people are out there listening & we want to continually improve & bring on guests that you can enjoy & learn from. Send us an e-mail at or a DM on our socials @NoDiploma_ Enjoy, share with a classmate & subscribe! JAY GLAVANY NO DIPLOMA: INTRO SONG:

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