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Episode 55: 50 Dates 50 States

Episode 55: 50 Dates 50 States

On this episode of No Brains No Headache Podcast the guys are joined by Matthew Wurnig who is the mastermind of '50 Dates 50 States'. After learning a bit about Matt we get an update on his progress so far as he prepares to knock out Alaska and Hawaii. Finished with venting about the complications of Tik Tok and even had time to pitch a Canadian version of 50 Dates 50 States. Thank you to Matt for joining us and best of luck the rest of the way! Then its time for Clearys Comments where random things are sometimes yelled. Matt gets upset with certain sayings then pitches a male engagement pinky ring idea. It does not go well just like the sip of hard Kombucha Jordan took on a wild Friday night. End the show with the Olympics of Robots and added some new rules to spice things up a bit. Interview with Matt (1:15) Cleary's Comments (28:45) Olympics of Robots (46:31) Available on: Apple. Subscribe + rate + review. Spotify. Follow along. Anchor. Our creation platform. + many more. New episode every Tuesday! Social Media: Twitter. @NBNHPodcast @BizMattyIce @JordanWeichel  Instagram. @NBNHPodcast @MatthewWurnig  Facebook. @NBNHPodcast Tik Tok. @NBNHPodcast @50Dates50States

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