Nerd Talk's Unnamed Podcast Episode 1: Horror Movies

Nerd Talk's Unnamed Podcast Episode 1: Horror Movies

Just in time for the Halloween season, pull up a seat with Dan and James for a few post work drinks and pizza and discuss the horror genre. Listen in as they discuss their top 3 horror movies. Raise an eyebrow as Dan and James get a few drinks in and start being pretentious movie critics and start slamming on the greatest director of all time. Get more and more uncomfortable as their speech starts to slur Cringe as Dan begins sharing awkward stories from his youth as James patiently pulls the discussion back on course Hey guys, this is a heavily edited version of our discussion and caps off at about 2 hours. Our actual discussion ran about 4 hours so I'll be uploading both this version and a longer version (3 hours 20 minute) which includes discussion about our favorite foreign horror movies and some fellow restaurant goers joining the discussion in Japanese, to our Youtube channel! Check out Nerd Talk on Youtube as well as Twitter and Instagram: YouTube: Nerd Talk Twitter: @NerdTalkDan Instagram: @nerd_talk_dan

Duration: 1 hr 53 min

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