Staying Photographically Fit!

Staying Photographically Fit!

Learn one of Lou's favorite techniques for making sure you are always learning and growing.  Often times, between big trips, most photographers put their cameras away.  This causes a big "acclimation" problem on the first few days of a big trip because you have to re-learn your skills.  If you are always looking for opportunities in your back yard, you can improve your photographic skills dramatically which will turn into big rewards on your next big trip.  Listen in as Julie shares how this habit has developed a natural photographic instinct that has expanded her portfolio and also improved her skill set.  Lou shares exactly what you can do to keep shooting great images even between your big trips and how to stay photographically fit.For more about mentoring with Lou: more about Julie:  https://wildsacredbeauty.comWebinar Series: Courses Website: Safaris Website: 

Duration: 25 min

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