Hillary Blackburn

Genesis of Natural Products Resource Center

Genesis of Natural Products Resource Center

Welcome to the Natural Products Resource Center podcast. We’re curating credible information about natural products brought to you by a clinician, pharmacist Hillary Blackburn. With the increase in the use of natural products such as cannabis, dietary supplements, herbs, and essential oils over the past few years, the purpose of this podcast is to bring expert information to our audience of healthcare professionals and even the public who want to learn more. This podcast is not intended to be for direct medical advice, please refer to your doctor, pharmacist or other healthcare professional for specifics related to your own health. Guests for NPRC will include a qualified group of clinical and business leaders, who have been involved in the cannabis industry and natural products space. Together, they bring a diverse perspective and set of experiences to the conversation about the changes involved with natural products, particularly the ever changing medical cannabis environment. NPRC is produced by pharmacist, Hillary Blackburn - founder of the Natural Products Resource Center who recognized a need to provide more education on these topics. As a seasoned podcast host - also of the Talk to Your Pharmacist podcast specifically for the pharmacy industry, I wanted to use the podcasting platform to shape the natural products conversation and educate the entire healthcare profession about medical cannabis. We hope you’ll enjoy the upcoming episodes of this podcast and resources through Natural Products Resource Center. Follow @NPRCenter www.npr.center

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