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Daphne Littlebear

Daphne Littlebear

Daphne Littlebear who is from Tamaya, Santa Ana Pueblo and is a descendant of the Mvskoke, Yuchi and Shawnee Nations, where she resides. Music and dancing provides so much joy and healing to Daphne, she engages in many of the cultural dances of her communities. Daphne is currently completing her doctoral degree at Arizona State University studying social justice education, education policy and Indigenous education. The current working title of her dissertation is, “Affirming the Educational Sovereignty of Santa Ana Pueblo: The Intersections Community Based Education, Western Schooling and Tribal Citizenship”. Daphne is the research director at the American Indian Higher Education Consortium serving tribal colleges and universities. Daphne has had the opportunity to work in the education field for over ten years with various organizations, she believes, advocates and is a champion of educational sovereignty for Tribal Nations. IG: @daphlilbearTwitter: @daphlilbearContact:

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