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Dungeons & Distractions Episode 83 Battle With A Balor

Dungeons & Distractions Episode 83 Battle With A Balor

The group faces off against a Balor Demon in it's lair. We're growing on Twitch!  Head to Twitch.tv/DistractionsMedia to find out more!  You can catch all your favorite people playing games! If you like this episode or any of our other episodes please review us on iTunes or any other platforms you might use to listen to us.  It really helps us out and we appreciate it a lot. Also for more content you can check out all the stuff we do on DistractionsMedia.com.  Also if you are into nerdy discussions you should check out our segment, Simply Unprofessional with Webby.  We give our views on all the newest things going on in the world of pop culture. Disclaimer: This podcast contains adults using adult language. Cast: "Astonis"- Anthony "Talon" - Austin "Tripp"- Edquist "Tez"- Devin Brenna- Jon DM- Webby    Featured Music: "Achaidh Cheide" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Acoustic Labs (https://www.youtube.com/user/AcousticLabs)

Duration: 2 hr 43 min

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