Chris Berrow

Naked Gaming, from the Naked Scientists

The computer gaming

The computer gaming "what's hot and what's not", featuring reviews of recent releases, interviews with industry insiders, and a "retro revival" - games re-released from your youth...

Episodes: 26


Christmas Special and Cyberpunk 2077

Duration: 28 min

Is the Xbox Series X/S worth getting?

Duration: 29 min

The next generation, and Mario Kart at home!

Duration: 45 min

Fly the X-Wing from Star Wars & horror games

Duration: 41 min

Naked Gaming's Chris & Leigh interviewed!

Duration: 28 min

Trainspotting and man-eating sharks

Duration: 36 min

Fortnite Drama

Duration: 30 min

The Xbox Series X Reveal!

Duration: 29 min

#BlackLivesMatter and Gaming

Duration: 33 min

Retro Special

Duration: 27 min

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