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218-Monkey King: Enter Sandman

218-Monkey King: Enter Sandman

We resume our journey to the west right where we left off: the Tang monk has been kidnapped by demons, and it's up to Sun Wukong and Pigsy to save him...if they aren't too busy making tiny monkey babies out of Sun Wukong's fur, crying, and talking to fantasically bearded men to save him. The creature this time is a monster skunk that isn't farting everyone to death! It's actually kind of way worse! Stephen the frog (soap): https://myths.link/stephen The store: https://myths.link/store The membership: https://www.mythpodcast.com/membership -- Sponsors: Simplisafe: Get a 60-day risk free trial AND a free security camera by going to http://simplisafe.com/legends! Headspace: For a free one-month trial, go to http://headspace.com/legends. -- Music: "The Black Frame" by Rolemusic" "Tiny Spoons" by Podington Bear "Chrysalis" by Podington Bear "Vernouillet" by Blue Dot Sessions "Remsen" by Blue Dot Sessions "The Crisper" by Blue Dot Sessions "Chrysalis" by Podington Bear See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.

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