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173-Tunisian Folklore: Fortune

173-Tunisian Folklore: Fortune

Fortune favors the bold. Or people willing to put up with a decade of junk. Or the best liars. On this episode, there are two stories: one from Tunisia, and the other from Italy, about people who take their fate into their own hands to varying, oftentimes disastrous results. The creature is a sad sea goat who just wants to be with all of his other sad sea goats but, because the Greek gods are the Greek gods, he’s doomed to a life of tragedy. Sorry, sad sea goat. The Myths and Legends store is back! https://www.mythpodcast.com/store — Sponsors: Do your gym a favor. Go with Bombas socks. To get 20% off your first purchase, go to http://www.bombas.com/legends Locke and Key: Check out the new show, only on Netflix! — “Blur and Coalesce” by Podington Bear “Cake” by Podington Bear “Senseless” by Podington Bear “Sorrento” by Podington Bear “Trickledown” by Podington Bear “Fantasy and Denoument” by Podington Bear

Duration: 40 min

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