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My Life of Crime with Erin Moriarty

"48 Hours" correspondent Erin Moriarty returns with another season of immersive and intimate true-crime investigations. In each episode, Moriarty brings listeners along on her journey, going to the scene of a crime, behind prison walls, and in this season, as far as South America.Serial killers, stalkers,'s all on this season of "My Life of Crime."

Episodes: 23


Kill or Be Killed

Duration: 28 min

The Bizarre Murder Plot

Duration: 24 min

Ten Years to Justice

Duration: 27 min


Duration: 18 min

The Hitman

Duration: 20 min

What Happened in Apt. 4C? Part 2

Duration: 22 min

What Happened in Apt. 4C? Part 1

Duration: 18 min

Evil Next Door

Duration: 25 min

Death by Text

Duration: 27 min

My Life of Crime Season 2 Trailer

Duration: 2 min

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