My Health Companion

My Health Companion

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Welcome to

Complete track-list on iTunes! Welcome to "My health companion"! I'm just a swedish, happy weirdo who wants to save the world! This podcast is dedicated to shedding some light on the challenges life has to offer and how to overcome them. It's all about spreading some love and hopefully help somebody out! Please leave a comment or a thumbs up if you enjoy it! With love, Carolina

Episodes: 6


08 Protect Yourself

Duration: 23 min

07 My Best Advice Yet

Duration: 22 min

06 Get rid of your allergies rant

Duration: 38 min

05 Being Overwhelmed

Duration: 26 min

04 Get rid of your emotional junk

Duration: 26 min

03 The challenge of being yourself

Duration: 27 min

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