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Stop for a moment while the world spins - DAILY EPISODES IN APRIL

Stop for a moment while the world spins - DAILY EPISODES IN APRIL

Restore our Earth through HopeEPISODE 19 - Stop for a moment while the world spinsBy LisaFor artist's contact details, go to storisse.comWelcome to our month-long 2021 PLANET PROJECT SERIES. On the 22nd of April 2020,  During the hardest lockdown, over 300 podcasters, artists and writers joined hands virtually and created one piece of digital work each, in a united effort to recreate impact and influence of the 1989 Baltic Chain.  We called the event the PLANET PROJECT. The impact of the project was so great and the work created so powerful, that I wanted to recreate the hope and sense of community we all felt on that day, by narrating some of the written pieces on the podcast this year.During our DAILY PODCAST SERIES IN APRIL, you can enjoy listening to one artist’s thoughts about the Earth – our Planet, each day. Some of the pieces are narrated by me, and some by the artist themselves. At the end of each piece you will hear the artist’s name. You will be able to find each artist’s website and social media handles underneath each episode. I hope you enjoy this series.Support the show (

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