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Meera Lee Patel

Meera Lee Patel

Meera Lee Patel is an illustrator and writer, whose work is focused on mental health and helping people feel more connected to themselves. She is the author of My Friend Fear: Finding Magic in the Unknown, and two beautiful journals: Made Out of Stars, and Start Where You Are. In this episode, we chat about pushing through fear, and the freedom that comes from both being wholly yourself and learning that not everyone is for you and that’s OK. She tells her story about when she realized most of her time was being spent in a way that wasn’t meaningful to her, at the same time she found herself feeling free in paining and writing. She shares her journey on how she moved towards her creative vocation full time. We talk about physical and emotional scars and the ongoing process of being brave enough to show them to the world. And I love how she notes that talking about her own scars “brings me closer to myself but also to other people.” Meera also speaks about how the artist process is so similar to the human process, what it is about reading both fiction and non-fiction that help her through a hard time, and much more. I loved getting to know Meera a bit through this conversation and I know you’ll find her to be a beautiful person just as I did! **Where to find Meera: ** Instagram: Twitter: Website: This episode was audio produced by Aaron Moring and theme music is by Heather Maloney.

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