An Introduction to Multicultural Book Club

An Introduction to Multicultural Book Club

The podcast of Multicultural Book Club (MBC) is a different way to read the novels. We want to see how the translation, censorship, time, geography and some other criteria can change the feedback, the impression. We can see the society through the novels and their translations.  This podcast is an archive of the book group discussion I have had it since 2015 at Ottawa Public Library (OPL). Every session has 5 parts:   Short Biography of Author, his /her works; A summary of the novel;  The theory of literature / translation; A quick look at the translations of the novel, such as:  how many translations does it have, what feedback did they receive through the translation;  Finally, I talk about the censorship of the novel, giving a short history of it.  I'll be glad to hear from you, your suggestions, your feedback, especially if you read the translation or you have something to share about the translation of the novel.  Thank you  Nazi.MK

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