Gray Cook and Dr. Lee Burton

A Different Approach to Weight Loss

A Different Approach to Weight Loss

On this episode of the Movement podcast, the guys tackle weight loss. We open with a nod to Happy Gilmore, then begin breaking down some of the most common problems individuals have with losing weight.  The guys go into details such as liquid calories, inflammation in the body, and unconsciously setting ourselves up for failure. Gray shares his secret to quitting a bad habit and how simply recognizing the difference between discomfort and pain can change the outcome of your results. The second half of our show dives into the physical readiness of today's children.We hear how Gray's experience as a local PE instructor has enlightened him on how kid's movement patterns can easily be improved on the playground. To wrap it up, they discuss how truly identifying your “lifestyle obstacles” can improve your likeliness of success; Connecting the dots of lifestyle and movement.So let’s jump right into today’s episode of the Movement podcast-- powered by FMS.

Duration: 37 min

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