Mother Earth by ( Inner_voiceover )

Mother Earth by ( Inner_voiceover )

My Precious children,                                             I am not in good shape. For many, many years I have been nourishing all life. It is my wish that you grow into strong, healthy individuals, and so I give you everything that I have- air to breath, water to drink, land to live and food to eat. I am happy when I see you and your families happy. I decided to write this letter to you because I am very ill now. There are many greedy people who are polluting the air, poisoning the rivers, cutting down the tree and killing many precious life forms. They are destroying my gifts, treasures that give you all life. I am afraid that if things go on like this, I will be permanently damaged. I want you to help me. If you help, there might still be a chance for me to get better. I am eagerly waiting for you to take action.  Goodbye for now, Mother Earth   Follow us on Instagram / Youtube  -     Inner_voiceover

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