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Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 536

Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 536

Sylvia Bullett/Say Yes/Area 52 Truck StopSeverin Browne/Sparkling River/OverdueTalisk/Montreal/BeyondMurray McLauchlan/Pandemic Blues /HourglassLisa Richards/Little Bird/SingleBrian McGuire /It's So Easy/   When The Morning Comes EarlyJohn Flynn/Circle of Love/ Wild Beat The WingsJake Eddy/Black Mountain Rag/Jake EddyJake Eddy/Wildwood Flower (feat. Kenny Smith)/Jake EddyCharlie Mosbrook/Together Alone/Together AloneDean Rochester/Gummy Lumps/Dean-OBruce T Carrol /Nobody Knows /SingleIrene Kelley/WIld Mountain Stream/[single]Jesse Palidofsky/As The Stars Are Turning/Our Better AngelsCarla Ulbrich/Dr Pepper/ Totally Average WomanSupport the show (

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