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Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 527

Mostly Folk Podcast Episode 527

Sue Jeffers/Lives Stolen/Up With The Masses           Dave Mason Music/Michael/Song Time Michael Troy/Highway/Mill Town Boy           The Levins/Across the Miles/Single    Paul Kaplan/We Shall Stay Here/We Shall Stay Here Kate Mcdonnell/Sweet Virginia/Ballad Of A Bad Girl Cliff Eberhardt /Because We Need You Now /Knew Things Sloan Wainwright/Red Maple Tree Timothy Scott Big Table/Big Table (single) Terence Winch/The Streets of Belfast/When New York Was Irish    David Leask/Les Chansons Du Voyageur/Voyageur In Song Pam Setser/Neighbors /Neighbors (Featuring the Isaacs)  Mick Hanly/Lord Franklin/Homeland/Joe Jencks/I Have Seen Freedom Being Born/The Forgotten Support the show (

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