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38. BROOKE CATES on Pre & Postnatal Fitness & the Journey of Motherhood

38. BROOKE CATES on Pre & Postnatal Fitness & the Journey of Motherhood

Welcome back! This week we are joined by Brooke Cates, founder of The Bloom Method - the most cutting-edge pre & postnatal fitness method. The Bloom Method is a blend of functional strength training, low-intensity interval training, cardio sweat sessions, daily re-patterning and pregnancy + post pregnancy core-specific moves meant to arm women with valuable tools that prepare them for birth and help prevent pregnancy-related injuries.  The Bloom Method is meant for women who are trying to conceive, expectant Mothers, and women up to 12 years postpartum. In this episode, we hear about Brooke's own personal fertility journey, her experience having a miscarriage, and the birth of her adorable son. She shares the story of how she created the Bloom Method, not even realizing she was actually marrying together the things she had been passionate about for years. She didn't always visualize how she would turn her passions into reality, but that is exactly what she has done. We hear not only about Brooke's best exercise advice, but also about what its like being a working mom, how she met her husband, the food she cannot live without, and what advice she would give to her younger self. You can find more about the Bloom Method here and find them on Instagram @thebloommethod What we're trying this week: Carleigh's Pick: City Sweat with Meghan McFerran Mia's Pick: Olaplex No. 6 Bond Smoother As always, find us on Instagram @mostly_balanced and on our blog.  Thanks for joining us and please leave a rating or review if you enjoyed the episode! Shop our Favs: Sakara Life - use code XOBALANCED for 20% off meal programs and clean boutique items Joolies Dates - Code MOSTLYBALANCED Copina Collagen Booster - Code MOSTLYBALANCED Sourse Vitamin-infused Dark Chocolate - Code MOSTLYBALANCED MindBodyGreen Supplements Sprout Living Protein Powders - Code MOSTLYBALANCED Recess Hemp-Infused Sparkling Waters - Code MOSTLYBALANCED

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