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Listener Tales 15

Listener Tales 15

Tonight we have a brief relationship with a killer, a grandma levitating things to the other side, a demon sighting shared by strangers, a mafia betrayal gone right, a toilet that can transport you to another dimension and a witty response to getting mugged. Guys, you never disappoint! Send your listener tales to and use subject "Listener Tales" with a fun title! Thanks to our sponsors! Simplisafe Head to and get FREE SHIPPING and A 60 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That’s to make sure they know that our show sent you. Honey If you don’t already have Honey, you could be straight up missing out on free money. It’s literally FREE and installs in a few seconds. And by getting it, you’ll be doing yourself a solid and supporting this podcast. Get Honey for FREE at Join

Duration: 60 min

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