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3. Using Curiosity to Change Lives with Bunmi Emenanjo

3. Using Curiosity to Change Lives with Bunmi Emenanjo

Bunmi works as a government ethics counsel and is the founder and CEO of Atlas Book Club, a subscription service that delivers globally diverse children’s books to your doorstep. Her mission is to help families expose their children to cultures from countries all over the world through age-appropriate books and educational materials. A self-professed book worm, Bunmi shares her journey from her childhood love of books to her sharing this love of reading with her children. From reading Nigerian story books as the surprise reader in her son’s kindergarten class to starting a book club at her home for a group neighborhood kids, Bunmi realized that she could use her creativity to change the lives of families across the country and the world! Bunmi tapped into her superpower of curiosity to launch a business that improves the lives of children, offers windows into what life looks like in different parts of the world, and ensures representation of different cultures in our home libraries. This subscription services makes life richer for the families she serves, and it doesn’t hurt that she makes it easy on busy parents! Bunmi is offering listeners of Mom Life and Law a 10% discount on their first subscription box from Atlas Book Club. Enter the discount code MOMLIFELAW10. This code is good through November 15, 2020. Follow Bunmi and Atlas Book Club:Website: Blog: @atlaskidsbookclubInstagram: @atlasbookclubMom Life and Law is a podcast for lawyer moms who are expected to mother as if they have no job and lawyer as if they have no children. In the face of these expectations, I give you strategies to help you thrive. Take thirty minutes each week to learn how to reframe your mindset, own your power, and set yourself up for success. You deserve it. Connect and Follow Mom Life and Law at: www.momlifeandlaw.comFacebook: @momlifeandlaw Instagram: @momlifeandlaw Twitter: @momlifeandalw LinkedIn: Mom Life and Law 

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