Gary Curneen

Tim Sparv - Data, Development & Inside FC Midtjylland

Tim Sparv - Data, Development & Inside FC Midtjylland

Gary is joined by Finland national team captain and FC Midtjylland midfielder Tim Sparv. He takes an inside look into his journey as a professional, views on coaching, and life inside his current club. - What did he learn most at Southampton academy? - Differences between Dutch and English football culture? - Environment at FC Midtjylland - How can training set pieces become enjoyable? - How does a player view the role of data? - What can coaches learn about feedback to elite players? And much more! This podcast is sponsored by Total Football Analysis. A monthly magazine, with 120+ pieces of analysis per month, along with a website which has an all-access subscription, allowing you get back access to all the magazines plus every piece of content on the site! Discount code: MSC20 - gets people 20% off anything on the site up until end of April.

Duration: 55 min

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