Episode 7: The VSFS 2018 & Diversity in Fashion

Episode 7: The VSFS 2018 & Diversity in Fashion

Bringing you something totally new!! I decided it would be not only a lot of fun, but something different to bring to the Model Me audience, if my wonderful friend Jordan Alexandra and I did a podcast together, reflecting on the current happenings in the creative industry. Jordan is a super talented model and actress, we are so similar in the ways of being women that are confident in themselves & don't bring other women down, and both have what people call a weirdly positive outlook on life. However, we are two different humans which makes us, completely different! So our opinions and attitudes towards many things differ. I love having discussions with Jordan about different things in life so it made sense to do this over a podcast about the recent events in the industry and share it with you all. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it! This week we cover what it's like to grow up mixed race, the comments and gossip around the Victoria Secret Fashion Show which aired on 3rd December, and the way diversity is being celebrated in fashion... but isn't it about time in 2018?! Model Me is designed to empower and educate models & creatives, the Model Me Pod is a place to learn and hear different insights from talented creatives from all over the world, in many different areas of the creative and fashion industry. Jordan is @iamjordanalexandra on Instagram, I'm @natashaminter. Check out Model Me: To join our mailing list:

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