Episode 6: Turning Pain Into Power

Episode 6: Turning Pain Into Power

WOW! This episode is with the INCREDIBLE Dumi Siwo. Dumi's story is... one of the most inspiring I've ever heard, and that is something I don't say lightly. From growing up in Zambia until he was 13, experiencing the most traumatic experiences - Dumi shares exclusively on this podcast what it was like to come to the UK and if it was anything like he imagined. Dumi shares how watching TV in Zambia was a gift - and was prepared for the same way we would go to watch a Michael Jackson concert - TV was scarce in Zambia, not everyone had electricity so to have access to a TV from 5pm - 12am most evenings was a gift that Dumi's family didn't take for granted. Dumi's drive and ambition to work in the media field began at the super young age of around 6 years old - which he shares in this podcast. Dumi is now the owner & director of media company Firmative, and owner & events manager of LoveDough events. Dumi is DEFINITELY one to watch as we head in 2019... You can check out his work at and His personal IG is: The next Model Me event is in London on the Wednesday 5th December - keep an eye on our Instagram for the details! (@Model_Me) Model Me is designed to empower and educate models & creatives, the Model Me Pod is a place to learn and hear different insights from talented creatives from all over the world, in many different areas of the creative and fashion industry. Check out Model Me: To join our mailing list:

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