Episode 5: Director + Founder of Model Me _ Natasha Minter

Episode 5: Director + Founder of Model Me _ Natasha Minter

This time we have the amazing Valerie Ribon, previous guest on the Model Me Podcast, interviewing director & founder of Model Me - Me! Natasha Minter, for her podcast, Girl A La Mode. This interview was so fun for me to do and the reason I wanted to share it on the Model Me Podcast is because I feel it allows you all to really understand me better and why Model Me is such an important mission to me! Not only did I cover how I got scouted & started modelling, but also the inspiration behind the online health project that I run (Healthy & Empowered), what I believe the 3 pillars of health are, and how I help people with our health program. I also share my tips for maintaining a positive mindset, I allow myself to be raw and vulnerable as I share my struggles too. It's super important to allow yourself a break when things are hard, and also to learn who you can trust and speak too. We discuss the power of social media, many of our podcast inspirations, what I eat on a normal day & how distracting the wrong people can be! Model Me is designed to empower and educate models & creatives, the Model Me Pod is a place to learn and hear different insights from talented creatives from all over the world, in many different areas of the creative and fashion industry. Check out Model Me: To join our mailing list:

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