Identifying Fake News with Molly McKew, Information Warfare Expert

Identifying Fake News with Molly McKew, Information Warfare Expert

"In the U.S, we're a very optimistic, open-minded population, and that's great, but it also makes us susceptible to false campaigns. We need to step it up in terms of helping our nation be more aware of this." — Molly McKew The term “fake news” gets thrown around a lot in today’s media. Using social media as its main conveyor, misinformation spreads like wildfire to reach the most receptive audiences. Why do people fall prey to fake news stories, and how can we identify them?  To answer these questions, we are joined by Molly McKew, CEO of Fianna Strategies, a consulting firm that advises governments, political parties, and NGOs on foreign policy and strategic communication. Molly has acted as a foreign policy and strategy consultant, as well as a Russia expert for governments in Central Europe and advisor to political parties in Georgia and Moldova. Stephanie and Molly dig deep into finding the truth behind different types of fake news campaigns. Ultimately, it’s not always about the information spread; it’s about the why behind it’s spread. "I think the key thing to figure out is the origin point. It's not really about what is true or not; it's what is the purpose of that information at that exact time."  On this episode of Mission Daily, Molly, an information warfare expert, joins Stephanie to discuss disinformation campaigns. She also talks about the power of social media in the spreading of fake news, how to identify fake campaigns, and much more. — P.S. As part of our partnership with b8ta, we’re giving away three Withings Body+ Wi-Fi Smart Scales! Enter the giveaway for a chance to win or use discount code “MissionDaily20” to receive 20% off online at www.withings.com! — Mission Daily and all of our podcasts are created with love by our team at Mission.org. We own and operate a network of podcasts, and brand story studio designed to accelerate learning. Our clients include companies like Salesforce, Twilio, and Katerra who work with us because we produce results. To learn more and get our case studies, check out Mission.org/Studios. If you’re tired of media and news that promotes fear, uncertainty, and doubt and want an antidote, you’ll want to subscribe to our daily newsletter at Mission.org. When you do, you’ll receive a mission-driven newsletter every morning that will help you start your day off right!

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