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Introducing: Missing Persons

Introducing: Missing Persons

At any given time, there are 90,000 missing persons, and this is only in the U.S. Missing Persons is a brand new true crime podcast that explores some of those cases. The first official episode airs on March 14th, 2020, and new episodes will release every other Saturday. In each episode, we will discuss the details of an open missing persons case, and will be joined by a loved one of that missing person, in an effort to shed light on the case through an insider's perspective. Will you join us and help become part of the search for answers in these cases? If so, subscribe to Missing Persons right now everywhere you listen to podcasts, so you don't miss an episode. Missing Persons is produced under the name Abjack Entertainment by Mike Morford and Jessica Bettencourt. It's hosted and edited by Mike Morford, with writing and research by Jessica Bettencourt.Follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/Missing_PodFor more information, or to present a case for coverage on this podcast, please visit http://missingpersonspodcast.net/

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