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MUP Ep 227 – Gaska’s Aliens

MUP Ep 227 – Gaska’s Aliens

Today the MUP Keepers talk with Andrew Gaska, lead writer on the Alien and Terminator RPG! Campus Crier The Campus Crier is where we keep all the mythos related news and info for the podcast, this episode was recorded on May 27, 2021. There is a new Kickstarter for a very cool OSR sourcebook called the Knock, issue 2. It’s 224 pages of old school art, rules, tables, classes, maps, and just a whole smorgasbord of OSR RPG goodness. It’s very well funded as of today, and still has 28 days left, so you want to pick this up if you’re into old school role-playing.  Miskatonic Repository Con will be returning this year. Watch their Facebook for announcements on dates, panels, guests, sign-ups, and lots more on their Facebook page! This convention premiered last year and focuses on creator made content for the M.R. So if you’re a creator, or looking to be a creator, or are just interested in some great Call of Cthulhu, definitely follow their page. As one of the organizers, ping Keeper Bridgett on Discord or Facebook and she'll be happy to answer any questions!  The Good Friends of Jackson Elias have announced the dates for their next online convention, “A Weekend With Good Friends.” The con will be August 20-22 with GM Signups July 31 to August 5th; Player Signups are from August 6th to the 13th. You can find more details on their Discord server!  Free League released the long-awaited pdf for the Colonial Marines Operations Manual. You can pre-order the book and get the PDF now, though the PDF is not available for stand-alone purchase at this time. Our own former host and both Friends of the show Jon Hook and Seth Skorkowsky have a new podcast, Modern Mythos, with three episodes already available! I’m not sure what their release schedule will be moving forward, but definitely go check them out. We have a link, as always, in the show notes. Patreon Plug We have a Patreon! To back us you can click the button on the sidebar of our website, mu-podcast.com or head over to Patreon directly at www.patreon.com/mup! Two new backers! James Winfield Zachery Bir And you can also help out the show by buying some merch from our Teepublic store!  Thanks to our backers so much for supporting the show!! Main Topic Interview with Andrew Gaska. Andrew Gaska has been a freelance franchise consultant to 20th Century Fox for the past three years, writing series reference bibles, maintaining continuity, streamlining in-universe canon, and creating detailed timelines for the legacy franchises Alien, Predator, and Planet of the Apes. He served as a visual consultant to Rockstar Games for seventeen years on the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Revolver, and all other releases. He also has extensive graphic novel and creative consulting credits. Aaaand he is the lead writer for the upcoming Terminator RPG and, of course, the Alien RPG and all of its scenarios and sourcebooks. And Yesterday was Andrew’s birthday! Blog: https://roguereviewer.wordpress.com/ Licensing Expo in Las Vegas Alien RPG by Free League Facebook Group We want to hear from you! By email: mup.feedback@gmail.com By Twitter: @MU_Podcast Discord server invite link https://discord.gg/up4hRX

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