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MUP Ep 224 – Diamond Campaigns 101

MUP Ep 224 – Diamond Campaigns 101

Campus Crier First things first. You might think that we have two guests on the show, but you would be mistaken! Bridgett Jefferies has agreed to co-host MUP with us on a trial basis to see how she likes it! So let's give her a heart welcome! New Comet Games has released their latest Kickstarter, Corsairs of Cthulhu! It’s pirates versus tentacles on the high seas! As of the time of recording they have completely funded with more than 28 days left on the campaign. So to Ben Burns and the crew over at New Comet Games. Congratulations!  Friend of the show and all around brilliant artist Pat Long, aka SpiderQueenLong as she’s known on our Discord server, is one of the creative people behind “ChangedStars a Feminist Scifi roleplaying game set in a more hopeful future with some serious hurdles still ahead.”  The Kickstarter went live, or will go live, on the 27th of April. If you haven’t seen Pat’s amazing inked art then you are in for a treat, it bleeds classic sci-fi. You can pick up a PDF of the game for $15 and $40 will get you a hardback. As always we have links and in this instance, art in the show notes. The Shadow of Cthulhu is an art Kickstarter that is from Bryan Fyffe, an all around amazing artist, that is a friend of Former Keeper Jon ;) and is a Disney artist. His campaign has a plethora of small and large art pieces of varying medium, from paper, to sculpture, to framed prints. The campaign has already been funded. Another Kickstarter that has already funded but that you might be interested in is The Bleakness. Billed as an “... uniquely immersive horror experience. Players assume the role of pilgrims, struggling to survive on an ancient road fraught with danger and mysteries. The Bleakness is a system, campaign setting, and detailed adventure arc bound in one text [with] gritty survival mechanics and the threat of the unknown [to] create a high-tension game like no other. There is still 1 day left on the Academies of the Arcane Troika! Kickstarter from Melsonian Arts Council. The book “is a comprehensive toolkit—it will work as well with any game where you might need magical schools, students possessing horrifying cosmic powers, and manipulative and petty faculty members.” I’ve backed this, because Troika!, and I think it might be an interesting drop-in to combine with the PowerWord zine that should be coming soon and some of the other little indie rpgs that I have, like Dee Sanction. Cthulhu in the Deep South is a shifting POV historical fiction podcast series that starts in the Antebellum South and continues through the Civil War and into  Reconstruction. They've just launched Book 5 which is about a carpetbagger getting mixed up in some cosmic horror. Our own Keeper Murph will be a guest on their interview feed on the 1st, but no idea when that will actually drop as of this recording, since it is in the future, but we are in the past. Timeslip problems... The Discord Plug We have our MUP Discord and we are all there! We invite all of our listeners to come and enjoy the community of Call of Cthulhu and horror gaming fans.  MU Discord server invite link: https://discord.gg/vNjEv9D  And thank you beaucoup to Murph for editing this episode. Patreon We have a Patreon! To back us you can click the button on the sidebar of our website, mu-podcast.com or head over to Patreon directly at www.patreon.com/mup! Thank you backers! We have two new Backers that we need to mention! Arjen Poutsma Al Smith! Al is a phenomenal person and an incredible GM. He’s in a bunch of horror communities and runs games often. So, if you see him running games, you won’t be disappointed to sit at his table.   And you can also help out the show by buying some merch from our Teepublic store!  Thanks so much for backing the show!! Main Topic Running Long Campaigns and podcasting Diversity and Belonging at the RPG table and podcast

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