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Episode 9: Pillar Five: Transforming Business as we know it

Episode 9: Pillar Five: Transforming Business as we know it

Today I am talking to Karlton Hoskins and Tehrann Glover.  Karlton is the Visionary of a brand new, disruptive tool that enables entrepreneurs to walk the path of sustainability and transform the economy. Tehrann is the co-founder and special advisor with the same vision:  building relationships that empower all entrepreneurs to live their dreams.  Together they have laid the foundation for Pillar Five – relating the basics of any business with 5 crucial areas that are the same for anyone entering  or being in entrepreneurship – not just in the U.S. but actually anywhere in the world. Being mis-fits in their own way I am excited to have them share why this tool is crucial for all of us and how it is designed to change the current trend in entrepreneurship, which is identified by the Department of Labor as 50% of businesses dying within the first 5 years of their endeavors. As an entrepreneur and business consultant myself I know the importance of setting up a business the right way.  I also know that living life and thriving means creating a personal vision of success and combining that with all areas of our lives.  It appears that this new tool can do that – so let’s

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