Mirrorball Mayhem - Season 22 Weeks 1 & 2 - March 29 2016

Mirrorball Mayhem - Season 22 Weeks 1 & 2 - March 29 2016

Mirrorball Mayhem - Season 22 Weeks 1 & 2 - March 29 2016WE'RE BAAAAAAAACK!!!  DId you miss us? We hope So! And Thanks for dancing into the ballroom with Mirrorball Mayhem, the original, unofficial Dancing With The Stars podcast!THIS WEEK: Weeks one and two are done and done - week one was a "get to know you" show, while week two was "Latin Week", with all Latin dances and mostly Latin music. How did everyone do, what did we think, and WHO'S GOING HOME FIRST this season? Find out right here! Check regularly our website, http://mirrorballmayhem.com , to find out the latest gossip, check out our new weekly polls, and a lot more - tons of info during the week, so don'tcha dare miss out by never checking the site out - stop by EVERY DAY!Each week during Dancing With The Stars seasons, hosts TC Kirkham and Kim Brown offer up a humorous commentary on each weeks' show, each week's celebrity performances, judges commentary, and each week's elimination.EMAIL US!  minionmail [at] mirrorballmayhem.com OR mirrorballmayhem (at) PNRNetworks.comHOOK UP WITH US!    Twitter: twitter.com/Mirrorbalmayhem    Facebook: http://facebook.com/Popcornnroses        PNRNetworks Shows        Subject:CINEMA        Platinum Roses’ Garden        Cavebabble        Mirrorball Mayhem        Mashed Up Madness        Three Minute Weekend        PNRNetworks Radio        Radio TKR        Subject:CINEMA’s Marquee Mix

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