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Nathan Yun co-founder of Paire

Nathan Yun co-founder of Paire

Melbournian entrepreneur Nathan Yun is the man behind the brand and co-founder of Paire – a brand created out of frustration because he was tired of holes in his woollen socks after his cold morning surfs. He wanted the magic that comes with wool, with the durability of normal cotton socks, so reached out to his best friend Rex, a textiles expert. After multiple world-wide factory visits, there was one small factory in Germany that was open to experimenting and wanted to help make the 50/50 wool cotton yarn together. They called it the Supreme Cool Blend™ , and so after developing this brand new material, they made the most comfortable socks in the world with it, and Paire was born. Since the brand’s inception, Paire has raised over $500,000 from angel investors and sold over 10,000 pairs of socks. In this Mindfulbiz Podcast episode, Business Coach, Alison Morgan speaks with Nathan about his business journey with Paire.

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