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Louise Laing founder of People4Ocean Sunscreen

Louise Laing founder of People4Ocean Sunscreen

People4Ocean (P4O) founder, Louise Laing, joins Business Coach, Alison Morgan in this Mindfulbiz Podcast episode. Louise, a Reef Scientist has dedicated her life to the protection of ecosystems & coral reefs. After finding the devastating effects chemical sunscreens were having on our reefs and the harmful ingredients on our skin, Louise and her husband developed P4O. The brand not only aims to put an end to sunscreen pollution but also helps reef conservation initiatives by donating $1 of every product sold towards these initiatives. People4Ocean is a reef friendly sunscreen brand that is not only gentle on your skin, but also marine life. P4O offers a mineral suncare range that covers SPF 50+, SPF 50+ Vegan and SPF 30, so no matter your skin type, you can enjoy the warmer months without the worry of harmful chemicals. In this Podcast episode, we talk about starting the sunscreen business, winning awards, business growth and branding.

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