Marquette Latshaw

Love And Be Loved

Love And Be Loved

Decide now that today is your opportunity to Love And Be Loved. Here is a meditation filled with decisions and affirmations for you to memorize that will encourage you on your journey to unconditional love. From Dr. Caroline Leaf: “Thoughts are not just thoughts. They are seeds to plant in your life; they are the reality you choose to embrace; they are the root of your every action and word. You, with your brilliant, creative mind, determine what you think, what you say, what you feel, and what you do. You do not live in a matrix. You are free to think and to be. When you choose to plant healthy seeds in your mind, you reap a healthy life - and vice versa. Of course, choosing to live a life of love does not mean your life will be perfect and without any mountain to climb, since in many cases you do not control what happens to you. Nevertheless, you can control how you react to life by planting seeds of love deep into your mind. Remember, your actions will shape your reality. As human beings, we cannot escape the power, and the responsibility, of choice. Indeed, as we serve our communities in love, we heal our own minds. Love is the most powerful healing force. True love is not only a miracle but also creates miracles - True love is a pay it forward “snowball” effect. It is the key to a life of happiness, health, and peace for everyone and everything.”

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