Marquette Latshaw

July Meditation: Forgiveness

July Meditation: Forgiveness

Marquette takes you through a guided meditation on the power of forgiveness. In the beginning, she explains “Ho’oponopono,” a incredibly healing Hawaiian prayer. Ho’o: “to make,” and Pono: “right.” The repetition of the word Pono means “double right” or being right with both yourself and others. Ho’oponopono is very powerful yet easy enough to incorporate it into a daily practice. Ho’oponopono is 4 simple and profound statements: “I’m sorry, please forgive me, I love you, I thank you.” Marquette then shares some information she has gathered from Dr. Caroline Leaf, Dr. George Burriss, and Joel Osteen, to name a few. May God bless and guide you on your journey of forgiveness (yourself and others). Peace be with you.

Duration: 21 min

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