Tessa Romero

7. What is Self-Discovery and Healing?

7. What is Self-Discovery and Healing?

Have  you ever felt so triggered by your kids and you end up snapping at  them? You probably told yourself you won't do it again, but the next  trigger pops up and BAM... you snap. Why?  Well, self-discovery needs to be done if you are going to make  sustainable and meaningful changes to your actions because you need to  understand whhhhy you do what you do. Why do you feel triggered by your kids or when you don't feel heard? That is self-discovery. Who are you and why do you think, say and do the things you do. Healing is just that... healing what you find along the way so you CAN change for good and the better moving forward! Masterclasses start December 13 and run through December 23! Registration to reserve a  spot at the best day and time for you will open up next week and all  masterclass will be a FREE 90 minute session to discuss mindset, more  specifically "How to change your mindset no matter the circumstances"  and it will be so good!

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