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EP35: From Art Dealer to Crypto VC ft. Dimitar Dinev

EP35: From Art Dealer to Crypto VC ft. Dimitar Dinev

In this episode we sit down with Dimitar Dinev, a well-connected figure in the China crypto & blockchain scene who was previously the MD at JRR Crypto, a crypto VC fund. Dimitar shares his interesting entrepreneurial journey which started in his hometown of Plovdiv in Bulgaria, where he rented out a shop to start an art gallery. After meeting his Chinese wife in Milan, they decided to move to Shanghai where he leveraged his economics background to become a stalwart in the local crypto community. Show Notes: Dimitar’s youth as a competitive gamer and how he harnessed his entrepreneur spirit when passing by a storefront for rent in the town center of Plovdiv, his hometown in Bulgaria. The art dealing business and what it was like to run an art gallery in Europe. The glass ceiling in the European art business, and making the big decision to move from Milan to Shanghai. Working in financial services and stumbling onto cryptocurrencies. How Dimitar got addicted to the crypto space and his insatiable appetite for knowledge and learning. Pivoting into crypto full time and getting into the crypto VC scene. Learnings from the crypto VC scene and advice for young entrepreneurs looking for VC funding. Listen on Apple Podcasts: Listen on Spotify: Listen on Google Podcasts: Listen on Youtube: Podcast Website: Podcast Facebook: Podcast Twitter: Chris' Twitter: Hope's Twitter: Hope’s Instagram: Hope’s Blog: Dimitar’s Twitter:

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