Original + Adapted Screenplay Category Reviews ft. Ryan L Terry! - Ep 268

Original + Adapted Screenplay Category Reviews ft. Ryan L Terry! - Ep 268

We break down the Original & Adapted Screenplay categories with Ryan L. Terry of Then us two Mikes discuss why each nominee will win, why they won’t win, & we rank our 5’s. What Is This Episode?/Intro-ing Our Guest - Top of Show BREAKING DOWN SCREENPLAY CATEGORIES W/ RYAN L TERRY: The Toxic Avenger - 2:50 OScreenplay: Why is Tarantino’s Script So Special? - 4:06 ***FYI, a few cryptic, but spoilerly statements about OnceUATIH here. GREAT Advice On How to Disagree on Twitter- 9:47 Best Overall Plot/Characterization of the Other 4 Noms - 11:54 AdScreenplay: How Special Is What Gerwig Did? - 16:34 The Best Acts of the Other Noms - 21:35 Ryan’s Pick for Best Original + Adapted Screenplay - 27:46 Ryan’s Screenplay Snubs - 29:16 TRADITIONAL MMO CATEGORY REVIEW FORMAT: ORIGINAL SCREENPLAY: Snubs - 34:14 1917: Why It’ll Win - 37:52 Why It Won’t - 39:37 Knives Out: Why It’ll Win - 43:09 Why It Won’t - 44:53 Marriage Story: Why It’ll Win - 46:37 Why It Won’t - 48:34 Parasite: Why It’ll Win - 50:56 Why It Won’t - 53:09 Once Upon a Time in Hollywood: Why It’ll Win - 56:00 Why It Won’t - 59:35 ADAPTED SCREENPLAY: Snubs - 1:01:36 Jojo Rabbit: Why It’ll Win - 1:03:44 Why It Won’t - 1:06:13 Joker: Why It’ll Win - 1:08:14 Why It Won’t - 1:10:11 The Irishman: Why It’ll Win - 1:14:13 Why It Won’t - 1:16:19 Little Women: Why It’ll Win - 1:18:39 Why It Won’t - 1:20:41 The Two Popes Why It’ll Win/Why It Won’t - 1:21:34 PERFECTING PERFECTION: RE-RANKING THE NOMS Original Noms - 1:24:12 Adapted Noms - 1:26:04 Your Homework/Ours + Ryan’s Socials - 1:27:59 What’s Next From MMO/Words of Wisdom - 1:28:53 The episode begins with an interview of Ryan L. Terry of, where we ask him about the “favorite” of each category and which scripts impressed him most as a screenwriter & screenwriting professor. Ryan is also a prolific film critic, writing daily reviews on his website, and you can follow him at RLTerry1 on Twitter. After our interview with Ryan, we dive into our usual format for these two category overviews. We discuss each nominee, argue why they’ll win, argue why they’ll lose, and then we rank the 5 nominees as we see them at the end of the episode. Also Mike finally delivers some fuller book reports on the source materials Mike1 dared him to read for the Adapted Screenplay category. We continue our ongoing discussion of Best Picture and other categories that are up for grabs via our screenplay arguments here, and Mike1 drops a bunch more stats into our brains from his research. If you enjoyed this episode, do check out our previous category overview of Best Actress with Brandon & Joey of Academy Queens. We plan to complete this series over the next two weeks with guests for Best Supporting Actress, Director, and then we hope, with more guests for the two actors & of course, Best Picture. So please stay tuned. As always, we wanna know your thoughts on either of these Screenplay categories. Join the conversation on our social media, and do send us your categories, nominations, & winners for the upcoming MMO’s. We’re at MMandOscar on Twitter, and we are on Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, and Gmail. You can subscribe / rate / review / like / share / & listen to us on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Google Play, Tune In, Spotify, and just about wherever you might listen. We’re Mike, Mike, & Oscar, and we’re making awards season year round, without the stuffiness. Thanks for listening.

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